Fireside Chat - Harnessing Your Continuous Future

Test Management Best Practices for 2018

This 40-minute Fireside Chat with industry expert Jeff Martin will focus on "the second generation of test management", and will share actionable best practices to improve the confidence in your software releases in 2018. This phase has a greater sense of urgency, as testing technologies are demonstrating that they can do much more than just the specific objective we task them with. QA managers and engineers need to rethink the purpose of their test management tool so that it empowers an entire organization to move toward faster, more reliable, and higher quality results.

The key to accomplish this is continuous integration. Continuous integration has led the charge of the testing landscape to not only change the way they have structured their workflows and systems, but has also led a mindset shift for both developers and testers involved. In this interactive discussion, Jeff will discuss how to turn your testing strategy to be in lock-step with your development strategy and better prepare for 2018 by learning how to leverage the benefits of continuous integration.

Join us to hear more on:

  • New success indicators for test management in 2018
  • Real-world examples of using continuous integration to empower organizations
  • Best practices on tasks best suited for continuous integration
  • Live question and answer session with product and industry expert
Moderator: Akshita Puram
Presenter: Jeffrey Martin

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