Guarding Digital Performance and Experience

Understanding the Impact of Third-Party Tags on Performance

Digital innovation remains at the forefront of companies' differentiation strategies, and as this push for new, exemplary digital experiences continues to grow, so does the need to measure and monitor performance and user experience. From managing your digital performance to striving to better understand your users, how can a company balance serving third-party content and meeting their performance standards? 

Join us as we delve into the modern performance monitoring landscape, identify how third-party content can impact performance, and understand how each of these can work in parallel to provide the best user experience. We will discuss tracking tags, how these affect a site's performance, the challenges that third party content poses for IT/Operations teams, and how companies can leverage their synthetic tools to identify when and how these tags interfere with user-experience. Our open discussion will examine ways to strengthen your monitoring strategy to balance business needs and performance expectations.

Chat with us to hear more on:

  • Third-party tags, how they work, and how they are evolving
  • Measuring the performance impact of third-party (and even fourth party) tags
  • Identifying and remediating impact with synthetic tools
  • Best Practices IT/Operations in balancing tracking tags and website performance
  • Live Q&A with our industry experts

Meet the experts:

Denis Goodwin - Director Product Management, AlertSite at SmartBear Software

With over 20 years of experience in product management, Denis excels at improving application and platform performance. By evaluating and optimizing software performance, Denis strives to transform user and customer experience. 

Rebecca DiMichele - Media Operations Analyst, Havas Media Group

Data speaks, and Rebecca hears it. Fluent in all things analytics, Rebecca works directly with third-party and fourth party tags to ensure data collection and delivery methods are correct. Working hand-in-hand with site partners and ad tech partners, Rebecca masters tag issues and troubleshooting to preserve data collection and site performance. 

Denis Goodwin
Rebecca DiMichele (Havas Media Group)

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