ReadyAPI + gRPC: Enhancing Test Quality Across your Microservices Architecture

For today’s modern enterprise, microservices have emerged as an essential architectural pattern for becoming more agile while increasing system reliability and scalability. SmartBear continues to deliver enterprise-ready capabilities for development teams seeking a protocol-agnostic, cloud-native testing experience.   

In cloud-native applications, developers often work across multiple API protocols, programming languages, and technologies. In this webinar, we'll explore how SmartBear is expanding its breadth of supported API protocols with our rollout of gRPC. 

Join the webinar to discover: 

  • How to ensure quality while exploiting the benefits of gRPC 
  • How to create and run functional tests on gRPC 
  • How to use multi-protocol testing with your microservices architecture  
Duration: 45 minutes

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