Getting Started with Record & Replay


Tired of testing the same actions over and over again every time you make an update to your website or a new browser comes out? Let us show you how we can help!

Organizations are shifting left, and everyone is being asked to take part in the QA process. Previously, automation engineers were required to be comfortable scripting—now with Record & Replay in CrossBrowserTesting, we make the transition from manual testing to test automation effortless. 

Eliminate the need for formal training—with Record & Replay you will be able to record a test and run that same workflow against the largest selection of browsers in no time at all. 

Join SmartBear experts to learn just how easy it is to start automating your tests today. Run though the new functionality and use cases of Record Replay that you can start implementing in your day-to-day testing. 

In this session you'll learn:

• How Record & Replay Can Help you Save Time
• How to Get Started with Record & Replay in Seconds
• Live Demo of Record & Replay
• Live Question & Answer with SmartBear Experts

Bria Grangard
Damien Walsh
Nick Belanger

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