Getting Granular: How to Compare Application Performance Metrics

Your team is being forced to do more with less, you need to be able to prioritize your work effectively. You don't just need data, you need actionable intelligence that directs focus where it matters most: identifying the underperforming elements of your app, from sluggish browser versions to the operating systems causing performance bottlenecks.

Using Performance Comparison in BugSnag, developers can now access a deeper level of granularity when it comes to application performance metrics.

Join us as we outline best practices on how to easily identify trends and quickly fix issues using insights from Performance Comparison.

In this webinar, we cover:

  • Why it’s important to compare performance across key metrics
  • Using Performance Comparisons to identify trends and key areas of improvement
  • Creating comparison filtersets between browsers, devices, operating systems, and more
  • Performance monitoring best practices for your application

Check out our session now! 

Duration: 45 minutes

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