Exploring Event Driven Architectures: Why Quality Matters

Adoption for event-driven architectures (EDA) continues to increase as more organizations realize the value of using real-time data to expand business insight and enhance customer and partner engagement. Additionally, event-driven architectures are increasingly playing a vital role in mitigating data gravity when migrating on-premise applications to public cloud.  

In the same way APIs expose siloed applications, event-streams can unlock siloed data when utilized with event streaming frameworks like Apache Kafka and messaging protocols like MQTT.  But just like APIs require business ideation, event streams also need to be well-designed, tested for quality and governed to ensure they can deliver on their intended business purpose.  

Join SmartBear and our guest, Forrester senior analyst, David Mooter for this important exploration into event-driven application architectures. In this webinar we will explore: 

  • How event-driven architectures can enhance existing IT infrastructure 
  • How APIs tools have evolved with support for Kafka, MQTT and AsyncAPI 
  • Best practices for performing functional tests on Kafka Streams 
  • How to create Kafka API and Endpoints 
Duration: 60 minutes

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