Expand Your Web App’s Test Coverage

Every company is now an ecommerce company. 

Ecommerce no longer solely means an online shopping cart for your customers to purchase your products; any digital commercial transaction qualifies. With fewer face-to-face interactions happening with your customers, having a successful web application impacts not just your bottom line, but also your brand. It’s not enough to test that your app works as expected for just one browser. You not only need to test across browsers and devices, but also ensure the performance of your app to prevent any downtime.  

In today’s world, you're constantly fighting to increase test coverage without inhibiting faster delivery. How do you reduce our own delivery cycle to keep ahead of the competition? How can you improve the user experience and customer retention? How can you find a tool that takes into account the varied skill-level across your team? 

Join us to learn how SmartBear can help ensure the health of your web app, through functional and performance testing. 

 We’ll cover:

  • Ecommerce in 2021, and the cost of poor quality 
  • Overcoming the challenges of ensuring the quality of your web app 
  • Ensuring coverage across desktop and mobile browsers without the cost of an in-house lab 
  • How TestComplete, CrossBrowserTesting, and LoadNinja empowers users, regardless of skill level, to succeed 
  • Live Q&A 
Emma Barbera
Vincent Whyte
Jenny Lowenthal
Christof Sunthorn
Jaymie Falconi