Automated Tests Lack Speed & Scale? Environments are the Weakest Link.

Higher levels of automation are necessary to deliver quality applications quickly. However, as your test automation process ramps up, your testing efforts still often lag far behind because of speed and scalability issues. Surprisingly, test environments are often the root cause for an alarming number of these problems. Cloud test environments and service virtualization can go a long way to overcome these challenges.

Join our software experts to learn how testing and development teams can reduce the stress and costs associated with managing, upgrading, and tearing down test environments.

Highlights include:

  • Strategies to enable parallel development and testing
  • The challenges with environment provisioning and how to overcome them
  • How to handle UI & API test environment dependencies
  • Ways to easily create test environments
  • Selecting the right test environments using a data-driven approach
Harsh Upreti
Nikhil Kaul

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