APAC: Ensure App Quality Across All Browsers with TestComplete and BitBar

The overall quality of your web app is imperative to your business. Developers and QA teams should feel confident about their code before releasing to production. But this means running thousands of UI tests to validate different environments, which is time consuming and costly.   

By implementing the right tools for your organization, you can get started quickly and see immediate results. TestComplete with BitBar allows you to increase test coverage, fix bugs, and speed up release cycles.   

In this session, you’ll learn the value of UI test automation for your web app in the cloud and how SmartBear tools can help you execute this workflow.    

Here’s what we’ll cover:  

  • Benefits of practicing UI test automation and cloud-based web testing  
  • Advantages of integrating UI test automation and cloud-based web testing  
  • Live web testing demo integrating TestComplete and BitBar  
  • Q&A with SmartBear experts  
Duration: 60 minutes

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