Don’t Let Bugs Haunt You: How to Practice Test Automation & Test Management

Software testing can be daunting. Bugs often haunt applications and, much like ghosts, they can be hard to find. And QAs (or bug busters, if you will) are being asked to find more of them, faster than ever before.  

Automated UI testing can help accomplish this by increasing test coverage and reducing cycle times. But beware: managing automated tests can be complex and time-consuming; especially when dealing with large applications or frequent code changes.  

By integrating test automation with a test management tool, you can not only track and report on progress, but also identify more issues with speed. This provides the perfect witches brew of visibility and collaboration needed to deploy with confidence.      

In this spooktacular webinar, learn how to enhance your software testing practices by integrating automated UI testing with test management tooling. 

Here's what we'll cover: 

  • Why practice test automation with test management  
  • How SmartBear tools can help  
  • Live demo integrating test automation and test management tools  
  • Q&A 
Duration: 60 Minutes

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