Designer Series: What's New in SwaggerHub

Want to get the most out of your SwaggerHub experience? 

After a summer of exciting releases, the SwaggerHub team is thrilled to share a wide range of new capabilities that will accelerate your API development. 

Join us as McKenzie Tucci, Product Marketing Manager for SwaggerHub, and Nicholas Nogradi, Solutions Engineer for SwaggerHub, walk you through the benefits of adding these enhancements to your toolkit. 

Highlights of the session include: 

  • Solving Onboarding Woes: Introducing SwaggerHub Portal, a feature designed to solve your API onboarding puzzle, offering customizable consumer-facing documentation. 
  • Mastering OAS 3.1: Explore the latest version of the OpenAPI Specification and see it in action in SwaggerHub. 
  • Seamless Spectral Compatibility: With Stoplight joining the SmartBear team, governance is taking a front seat. Dive into our dedicated initiatives aimed at guaranteeing flawless compatibility with Spectral rules. As the first step on this journey, we'll be rolling out import and export functionalities in SwaggerHub. 
Duration: 45 minutes

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