Standardizing RESTful and Event-Driven APIs with SwaggerHub

Event-driven APIs continue to grow as a core component of organizations, helping them manage increasing complexity as they scale. Working alongside their RESTful APIs, there is a growing need for consistent design guidelines that can be used to govern both types of APIs.   

Adding standardization to the design process allows teams to accelerate their design while upholding quality and style consistency. Using custom and built-in rules enforces API governance by developing organization-specific style guides. Development teams can feel confident that they are creating APIs that will pass internal gate-checks and work as designed to move on to the next task.  

From a developer's point of view, having custom or built-in rules for both RESTful and event-driven APIs enables better collaboration, increased speed, and overall consistency.  

Join SmartBear's Alex Bonstrom to learn more about:   

  • Style-guides for Event-Driven APIs and their impact on speed and developer experience. 
  • SwaggerHub Standardization and the workflow of enforcing consistency.  
  • Creating and looking up AsyncAPI definitions, i.e., cataloging.   
  • SwaggerHub AsyncAPI Standardization, built-in rules and the ability to create custom rules.
Duration: 60 Minutes

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