Designer Series: Reducing Redundancy with Reusable Domains

In today’s world, it is becoming increasingly more common for companies to build API deployed for internal and external use. However, fewer organizations have mastered the art of reconciling APIs into reusable, documented standards for API domain deployment. We continue to see a shift in the market of organizations allocating resources to distinct teams dedicated to separate endpoints and APIs. When organizations have multiple API documents created across disparate teams, a multitude of issues begin to surface; duplicate efforts become redundant due to decentralized communication, expansive API documents become increasingly difficult to parse, and best practices for API development lack enforcement. By leveraging the OpenAPI specification in tandem with domains in SwaggerHub, organizations can reduce redundancy, increase productivity, and standardize outputs across all development teams.

In this month’s installment of the Designer Series, we will be exploring proper instantiation techniques and how to use OpenAPI references. Additionally, we will review how to maximize the capabilities of domains in SwaggerHub to enable component reusability and consistency across API development

Duration: 45 minutes

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