Defend Your APIs: Secure by Design

Did you know that 60% of organizations have suffered data breaches in the last 2 years? With the global rise of APIs, the risk of data theft, operational disruption, and reputational damage looms larger than ever. 

Join us for an enlightening webinar hosted by Frank Kilcommins and Yousaf Nabi, where we will dive deeper into the market trends of API security and explore practical strategies for securing your APIs.  

In this engaging session, we will: 

  • Uncover the Importance of API Security by Design: Understand why prioritizing API security from the initial design phase is crucial for organizations across industries, regardless of size or scope. 
  • Discover SmartBear's Innovative Solutions: Explore our improved standardization capabilities with Spectral, offering a firsthand look at how this partnership equips organizations with robust tools for identifying and surfacing security vulnerabilities in their APIs. Learn how SwaggerHub's revamped standardization makes it fully compliant with Spectral. 
  • Shift Left with Security Considerations: Learn how SwaggerHub's revamped standardization offering comes with pre-built style guides to fast track consistency benefits across an API program.  
  • The Role of Documentation in API Security: Understand how API Documentation can help mitigate security challenges as API numbers increase. 
Duration: 60 minutes

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