Complete Your Suite: Test Everything in One Place

Release quality has a growing impact on user retention and engagement. Customers are faced with more apps to choose from than ever before, so delivering unique and seamless experiences is crucial for the growth of your business.  

At the same time, apps and their environments are becoming more complex. This forces software testers to perform a wider variety of tests in more places. As a result, QA teams often spread themselves thin across different testing tools to keep up with the volume, leaving little time for exploratory tests that deliver the most value.  

Consider this problem solved. SmartBear TestComplete consolidates all your testing into one place. In this webinar we’ll share the exciting new advancements we’ve made to TestComplete. These updates allow you to run a full testing suite in a single tool, without needing advanced scripting skills. Join us to learn more about: 

  • Running a complete low-code test suite: get a live demo on how to automate your functional, visual, and performance tests in a single workflow. 
  • Delivering a bug-free release for users in any environment: see how to scale tests across real devices and browsers and quickly root out problems. 
  • Eliminating bottlenecks with SmartBear HaloAI: learn how we’re using AI across our testing tools to free you up to do more with your day. 
  • How you can save time, effort, and money: with a fully integrated toolkit that keeps your teams aligned to test their own way 
Duration: 60 minutes

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