Collaborator: The Atlassian Integrations

One of Collaborator’s great strengths is the large array of integrations that it supports for code and artifact review. Nowhere are these integration options more prevalent than the solution connections supported between Collaborator and the Atlassian product offerings: BitBucket, JIRA, and with the latest Collaborator plug-in for Atlassian, Confluence.

We will explore the BitBucket integration for git-based code reviews, Jira connectivity for issue-tracking, and the Confluence plug-in for easily exporting Confluence pages into Collaborator for review. We’ll also explore the OAuth authentication options available to Collaborator via the Atlassian integrations. Please join us as we demonstrate what the Atlassian integrations with Collaborator can do to tie together your development, issue-tracking, and review needs in a single solution.

In this webinar, we’ll cover:

  • BitBucket integration setup and configuration
  • JIRA integration: Basic connections and the Plug-in
  • Confluence Plug-in setup and configuration
Duration: 60 minutes

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