Beat the Rush: Prep Your App for Holiday Shopping

This year's holiday shopping season is predicted to be the biggest ever, to the tune of over $900 billion.

And more of these purchases are happening via mobile than ever – according to Shopify, over 70% of sales during Cyber Week 2022 were made on mobile devices. 

The holiday season is a huge opportunity for businesses to boost revenue and hit their annual targets – but only if they can handle the rush.

App usage can increase up to 300% during the holiday shopping season, which means slow app performance, laggy websites, and cascades of errors are more likely to happen with increased load.

These incidents are detrimental to customers’ experiences and can lead them to jump ship for a competitor.  

Seize this opportunity with BugSnag's webinar and learn how to: 

  • Proactively ensure app stability for a seamless shopping experience. 
  • Optimize mobile platforms for increased customer engagement. 
  • Leverage real user monitoring with error monitoring for superior app visibility and better quality.

Don't miss this chance to boost your holiday revenue! 

Duration: 60 minutes

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