Back-to-School Session I: Collaborator Basics, Updates, and Enhancements

With the Summer winding down and school routines looming large, it is time to get
back into focus on one of the best ways to ensure quality in your code, documents,
Simulink models, and now DOORS-Classic artifacts: peer review with SmartBear’s

Collaborator is the premier peer code and document review tool for development
teams that take software and document quality seriously. With comprehensive
review capabilities for many types of artifacts, positive proof of review with
electronic signature options and detailed reporting to help meet regulatory
requirements, support for many source control integrations, and customization
options with templates, checklists, and custom fields, Collaborator easily
incorporates into your tool suite, becoming an integral part of your quality process.

Join us as we look at recent updates and improvements of the tool and give a refresh on the fundamentals of Collaborator.

Highlights include:

  • An overview of what’s new with Collaborator
  • Covering the Basics: interface, process, and workflow
  • Discussing our most recent update to Collaborator, DOORS-Classic
Duration: 60 minutes

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