Ask a Quality Engineering Expert: Melissa Tondi

Looking to take your software quality processes to the next level? 

Join SmartBear Product Marketing Manager Jaymie Falconi and special guest Melissa Tondi for a live, virtual Q&A. Melissa will be on hand to share her insights on a range of topics including the latest trends in quality engineering and test automation, including:

  • How is the role of the tester changing? Where are we heading?
  • How does "quality engineering" differ from the more traditional "quality assurance"?
  • When is the right time to start bringing on testing tools? And how do you measure their success?

This session will have no PowerPoints, no product demo, just an interactive forum filled with gems, insights, and stories based on Melissa’s 15+ years of experience in software quality engineering and process engineering.  

Curious about something specific?

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Duration: 1 Hour

Speaker Details:  

Melissa Tondi has spent most of her career working within software testing teams. She is the founder of Denver Mobile and Quality (DMAQ), past president and board member of Software Quality Association of Denver (SQuAD), and recently started at Guild Education as the Director of Quality Engineering. In her software test and quality engineering careers, Melissa has focused on building and organizing teams around three major tenets—efficiency, innovation, and culture – and uses the Greatest Common Denominator (GCD) approach for determining ways in which team members can assess, implement and report on day to day activities so the gap between need and value is as small as possible. 

Past Events: 

Mile High Software Testing
Better Software/Agile Development
Agile Denver
Mobile Dev+ Test

Find Melissa on social media:  

Twitter: @melissatondi 
Facebook: Melissa Tondi 
LinkedIn: Melissa Tondi 

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