APIs at the Close of the Digital Decade and the Future Ahead

We operate today in a digital world that is always on and interconnected.  How we live and work is now dependent on countless APIs that underpin web, mobile and cloud applications. 

According to Gartner, “by 2021, at least one-third of enterprises will have deployed a multi-experience development platform to support mobile, web, conversational and augmented reality development.”

In the last decade, APIs have not only fueled a new Digital Economy, but also created an arms race of innovation that is forcing many organizations to rethink how they build and deliver new applications. 

For this webinar session, we will explore the larger API trends that are shaping application development, including:

  • What were the challenges in 2019 organizations faced building and deploying APIs?
  • What’s new for APIs in 2020 and how to prepare?
  • Demo:  API Dev best practices showing how to design, review, virtualize, develop, test and deliver an API from an integrated solution.
Joseph Joyce, API Solutions Engineer at SmartBear
Adrian Minnock

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