API Contract Testing for a Design-First World

Teams of all sizes are turning to contract testing as a scalable solution to test and validate how APIs integrate with one another in complex microservices environments.

This approach enables speed without forfeiting quality. API contract testing is a proven way to give software development teams greater confidence in deployments, and reduce breaks in production while minimizing the reliance and costs of end-to-end testing.

We're excited that Pactflow, the complete contract testing platform, is now part of the SmartBear family - join our webinar to learn how to apply contract testing to your design-first API development workflow.

What to expect from this session:

  • Why scaling testing for complex API architectures and microservices can be so painful
  • How API contract testing with Pactflow solves for this
  • Why you should consider using contract testing with SwaggerHub to bring visibility into how APIs are being used by their consumers, bringing confidence that proposed changes to an API won’t break existing API consumers
Duration: 60 minutes

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