Advanced API Management: Unifying Design, Governance and Testing

Dive into advanced API management with this technical webinar, focusing on optimizing API lifecycle management via the OpenAPI Specification with SwaggerHub, PactFlow, and ReadyAPI. This session will equip participants with sophisticated strategies for API governance, testing, and performance improvement.

Webinar Overview:

  • SwaggerHub: Understand the vital role of the OpenAPI Specification in API lifecycle management, explore robust governance frameworks, and integrate Spectral rules within CI/CD pipelines.
  • PactFlow: Examine the benefits of contract testing, compare consumer-driven and bi-directional testing methods, and learn practical implementation strategies.
  • ReadyAPI: Discuss reusing OpenAPI specifications for efficient testing, delve into advanced testing techniques like load testing and API virtualization, and integrate these practices seamlessly into CI/CD workflows.

Ideal for developers, API architects, and technical managers, this webinar will enhance your skills in managing a streamlined and effective API ecosystem. Join us to learn how these tools synergistically improve API management.

Duration: 60

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