Achieving Quality Without a Dedicated Test Team

What is test coverage? How do we measure it? How much is enough?

As teams shift left, adopt new methodologies, and take on new testing strategies, the role of software developer v.s. testers is becoming more blurred. In fact, many modern software teams no longer work according to these rigid roles.

Meghan Munseeney is a Software Engineer at Yesware who also has a hand in Quality Assurance. This means she’s involved throughout the software development lifecycle from code changes to production, operations, and customer escalation.

In fact, this is a commonality among the software engineers at YesWare, since the organization has no dedicated QA team. However, Yesware is constantly able to release great software to customers thanks to star talent like Meghan.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • What the Yesware quality process looks like
  • How Yesware handles testing without a dedicated QA team
  • How Software Engineers and Developers can play a larger part in quality
  • Q&A
Alex McPeak
Meghan Munseeney

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