Accomplish Code Review and Debugging Securely in Your Environment with Collaborator and Bugsnag

“Quality isn’t just a goal. It’s the whole point.” Ensuring quality is top of mind in the development world but going hand-in-hand with that mindset is also one of security. Many of today’s applications are cloud-based and beg the question, “How secure is this solution and who else might have access to this data?”.

How can we maintain quality and sleep soundly at night, knowing our development code base and artifacts are secure?

With Collaborator and Bugsnag, SmartBear offers self-hosted, on-premises solutions that emphasize end-to-end quality from development to deployment, in your own environment so you can confidently accelerate releases and rest easy your artifacts are secured. Collaborator adds a level of accountability with clear, documented review processes and cross-functional alignment to catch errors early in your SDLC. Bugsnag empowers development teams to identify stability issues in every release and provide actionable insights to prioritize and fix the ones that matter. The tools in tandem allow teams to minimize errors in production with more thorough code reviews, while also providing robust monitoring for those errors that do ultimately get released to your user base.

In this webinar, we’ll cover:

  • Collaborator and Bugsnag hosted solutions
  • Establishing a culture of code ownership and its benefits
  • Minimizing errors to ensure high quality code through peer review
  • Live demonstrations of Collaborator and Bugsnag
  • Q&A with SmartBear experts
Duration: 60 minutes

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