Accelerate your software development lifecycle with a flexible, scalable, modern day test management solution

Enterprises find themselves handcuffed by limited legacy test management systems that have been with the organization for years. Traditional players in the space tend to have a singular focus, so while you might have a solid product in release management and testing, there is much to be desired in reporting, analysis, customization, and user experience. Product integrations that are restricted to a specific software suite (asset, time and project management) make it difficult to support Jira, Confluence, and other tool sets. Teams looking to move from waterfall-based projects to Agile will also find the lack of flexibility as a roadblock.  

Zephyr Enterprise supports DevOps and Agile with modern day approach to test management. It delivers a test management solution that supports Jira and legacy systems, providing teams with a single, scalable testing platform. Drive innovation, reduce SDLC times, and increase quality while decreasing technology complexity with the complete, modern day test management portfolio.  

In this webinar you will learn how to transform your teams by allowing them to test faster and with more accuracy, giving them the ability to build more innovative solutions.  

Martin McDonagh