Accelerate Your CI/CD Pipeline with Mobile App Testing in the Cloud

Are you constantly waiting for test runs to finish in your CI/CD pipeline? Are you thinking of moving to a CI/CD process but not sure how you can run automated tests at scale? Testing shouldn’t slow you down!

You need to get feedback about failed builds back to your development teams faster. Some teams feel pressure to cut corners by reducing test coverage, but they know that doing so would risk quality issues. But this is a case where you CAN have both speed and quality.

This webinar is for teams who want to improve their test coverage, shorten their testing time, and spend less time managing their testing grid. We’ll show you how the real mobile device cloud from BitBar integrates with your CI solution (Jenkins, Azure DevOps, GitLabCI, etc.) to seamlessly fit your CI/CD process. You’ll also learn how the flexibility, deployment options, and unmatched customer support of BitBar has helped teams scale automated testing in the cloud.

We’ll cover:

  • Continuous Testing in a CI/CD Pipeline  
  • Value of Testing in a Real Device Cloud  
  • Real Device Cloud + CI/CI Server 
  • Live Demonstration 
  • Q&A with SmartBear Experts 
Jonathan Harris
Jaymie Falconi