Accelerate Continuous Testing with TestComplete

Executing automated tests in a continuous integration environment has become the cornerstone for any DevOps story. In order to move toward a faster, cost-effective, and higher-quality software delivery, testing must be in lock-step with development.

Behavior-Driven Development (BDD) is a modern approach to software development gaining popularity among software teams. BDD encourages the whole team - including business analysts, product owners, developers, and testers - to come to a shared understanding on how an application should behave.

TestComplete, in its latest release, translates this shared understanding (written in plain English syntax called Gherkin) into automated tests in the most straight forward way possible to enable a seamless BDD process. Support for BDD and other enhancements in TestComplete have optimized test automation efforts for all teams, making the road to continuous testing easier than ever before.

See continuous testing in action and learn:

  • How BDD can accelerate your continuous testing strategy
  • Best practices on integrating with Jenkins
  • Live demo of the latest TestComplete features
Akshita Puram
Param Chopra

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