6 Ways to Measure the ROI of Automated Testing

Are you constantly feeling pressure to deliver quality software without compromising speed or increasing costs to the business? As your demands for quality increases and products become more complex, weaving a test automation strategy into your process can cut your testing time in half and double your test coverage.

However, building a convincing business case for investing in automation is not always easy. You have to understand the full scope of benefits and how to measure it against financial return. You have to envision a roadmap that is catered to your organization and industry and know the metrics that best align to your team.

A comprehensive business case is crucial not only to ensure funding for automated testing, but also to corral business support for a testing transformation. Listen as SmartBear experts walk you through the steps to build an automation roadmap, the key criteria needed to transform your testing process, and how to measure success. They will share examples from various industries to uncover what types of savings speed and cost savings you can achieve.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How to build a compelling business case for automation
  • The criteria needed for a successful transformation from manual to automated testing
  • Six ways to measure the ROI of automated testing
Akshita Puram
Damien Walsh
Gregg Hanson
Martin McDonagh
Nick Belanger

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