2023 API Predictions: Shift-Left and Standardize for Success

The digital world has brought a paradigm shift in how value is exchanged. Today, every company is effectively a software company, and it’s APIs that enable organizations around the world work to meet customer needs and incorporate emerging innovations. The need to participate in the digital economy is an industry agnostic requirement. 

APIs can drive seamless digital experiences, foster rapid innovation, help to maintain regulatory standards. Especially in challenging economic environments, better API workflows and developer visibility can enable teams to focus on high impact work. 

Join SmartBear API Evangelist, Frank Kilcommins, and API Solution Engineer, Alex Bonstrom, for a fireside chat-style discussion where you’ll learn: 

  • Insights from 2022’s API trends and our predictions for 2023 
  • The possible impact of economic headwinds - and how to mitigate those impacts 
  • How to maximize the utility of APIs to your colleagues, partners, and other consumers 
  • SmartBear’s recent and upcoming innovations that can optimize your design and development workflows 
Duration: 45 minutes

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