API Design in 2019: Microservices, Standardization, and the Emergence of the Design-First Approach

Earlier this year, SmartBear released the results of our annual State of API Report. The State of API 2019 Report included responses from 3,000+ API developers, architects, QA, and technical leaders from across a wide range of industries, and provides a detailed look at the tools, technologies, and strategies that are redefining API development in 2019.

In this special presentation, we will look at one of the key categories in the report: API Design.

We will discuss insights learned about how teams are executing successful API design processes, as well as the trends and challenges that are influencing the way organizations approach API design in 2019.

We will cover:

  • The most popular standards for API design in 2019
  • Standardization, versioning, reusability, and the other top API technology challenges
  • The influence of microservice adoption on API design
  • Design First vs Code First approaches to API development
Joseph Joyce
Ronan Trainor

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