Fortifying a Culture of Collaboration in Highly Regulated Industries with Code and Document Review

In highly regulated industries like automotive, medical, and aerospace, where software safety and quality are paramount, it’s imperative that teams collaborate effectively throughout the entire software development process. It is critical that regulators see your organization has taken all appropriate measures to identify defects not only within your code, but within the design and planning of the entire system throughout all the associated artifacts. Watch this 60-minute webinar to learn how to embed document and code review best practices within your organization that will not only keep you in compliance, but provide a significant savings by not introducing defects or catching them far earlier on in the process.


  • Why collaboration is important and the role of peer review
  • The types of artifacts that need review
  • Best practices for success in code review
  • Best practices for success in document review
  • Calculating the ROI of code and document review in your organization