The State of API 2019 Report

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The State of API Report is designed to establish benchmarks for the API industry regarding the methodologies, practices, and tools used by software teams to plan, design, develop, test, document, and monitor APIs in 2019. The report includes insights from a global audience of more than 3,000 API practitioners and consumers from a wide range of companies – from startups to enterprise organizations.

API Design

69% of organizations use the OpenAPI Specification in their API development

API Documentation

Development Models

Only 35% of API providers feel that their organization’s API documentation is above average

API Testing

91% of organizations either have or plan to introduce an API testing process

API Tools & Technology

API providers are using an average of 5 different tools to develop high quality APIs

API Challenges & Future Growth

Development Models

Standardization is the top API technology challenge API teams want to see solved in the coming years

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