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State of Software Quality | Testing

The report is designed to capture benchmarks for software testing professionals.

Software continues to transform the world around us. It has changed the way we order food, shop, find transportation, and even get our homes ready for our departure and arrival every day. As the number of devices we depend on increases, software becomes more embedded in our lives. The magic behind all of this is you - the people who are creating, testing, and delivering in software development lifecycles that are under constant pressure to compress in both duration and cost.

This report reaches across industries and takes into account the methodologies, practices, and tools used to build, validate, and deliver software. It reveals emerging trends year-over-year and provides insights into what teams globally think the future will hold.

This report covers:

  • Development and delivery models
  • Testing and quality assurance challenges and practices
  • API and UI testing tools and techniques
  • Future expectations for software testing