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Solving Test Case Management Struggles

Software testing teams have been experiencing pressure to deliver higher quality software in shorter release cycles. They also seem to be experiencing an increased amount of chaos. Instead of getting information at the end of a release, teams get it daily from all different directions, making it challening to determine what test cases need to be focused on. What does the future of testing look like with all this noise? How can they better plan for the future plan, predict, and measure their testing activity?

The test management strategies of tomorrow will need to account for these trends.We sat down with five leading software testers to see what they had to say about the test management industry, how they handle different challenges, and what they think about the future of test management.

With this guide, you'll learn:

  • Observations on the State of the Testing Industry
  • How to Handle Teams Using Differing Methodologies
  • Ways to Manage Test Coverage and Reporting
  • Quick Wins That Testers Can Implement Right Away