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Service Virtualization Made Simple 

ServiceV Pro: An Easy-to-Use Solution for Everyone on the Team

Getting Started with Virtual APIs eBook

Many popular service virtualization solutions on the market today are clunky, difficult to setup, and require users to have strong coding skills. ServiceV Pro from SmartBear is different. Built specifically to be used by developers and testers inside your organization - not a team at a center of excellence - ServiceV makes it easy to get up and running with virtualization. 

Whether your QA team depends on an internal development team or a 3rd party API, ServiceV can help speed delivery by reducing bottlenecks and allowing you to develop and test in parallel.

What will we cover in this eBook?

  • The challenges of service virtualization
  • Why mocking is a workaround, not a solution
  • Virtualizing on your desktop quickly and easily with ServiceV
  • Sharing your virtual services with the team in VirtServer
  • Automating your virtual services with Jenkins, TFS, Bamboo