voke Impact™ Note: A Focus on SmartBear ServiceV Pro

Learn How Service Virtualization Can Help Your Team Deliver Quality Applications, Faster

For teams being asked to deliver faster — without sacrificing quality — eliminating bottlenecks between teams and dependencies on 3rd party services is a great place to start.

Service virtualization allows teams to utilize virtualized assets (APIs, web services, databases), thus enabling developers and testers to have everything they need without restrictions. The result is a team that is both confident and able to deliver at the rate your business requires.

This report explores:

  • The problems that service virtualization helps to solve

  • What statefulness means and why it's critical

  • How virtualization helps to improve team confidence

  • How to increase productivity for your entire team

  • The money saving benefits of service virtualization

  • Why SmartBear ServiceV Pro is a tool worth considering

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