Level Up Your API Testing

How to Move Beyond the Basics with Data-Driven Testing and Automation

APIs have gone from a niche enterprise use case to the de-facto standard for modern applications that need to communicate with various front-end user interfaces, including web and mobile apps.

As an integral part of modern applications, it’s important to move beyond basic end-point testing of APIs and build automated test suites that ensure consistent responses and robust performance under stress. Automated discovery tools can provide a complete picture of an API to ensure complete test coverage, while automation tools can help ensure that test suites are run on a regular basis to catch errors or bottlenecks before production.

This ebook will lead you on the journey of taking your API testing to the next level. You'll learn about:  

  • Planning an API
  • API testing basics
  • Data-driven approaches to testing
  • Getting more advanced with test automation
  • Simplifying complex API testing with ReadyAPI

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