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The Complete Guide to API Monitoring

Monitor your APIs

We rely on APIs for critical aspects of our digital infrastructure. Much like the nails that connect and support a house's foundation, APIs ensure that the necessary parts of your digital network are connected. Understanding how they are behaving is vital to gain full visibility into the performance and availability of your digital assets.

With so much dependence on APIs, it’s important to recognize their inherent power and make sure you build the appropriate safeguards to support them.

Whether you are consuming APIS, charged with building and supporting APIs, or embracing a service oriented architecture for the design and delivery of an entire app or set of apps, it will be required that you monitor these APIs 24x7 to ensure that the consumers of the API and it’s services have access to it at all times.

In this eBook, we’ll cover:

  • Why API performance matters
  • Ensuring the quality of APIs
  • Testing your APIs
  • Creating API monitors
  • Continuously monitoring your APIs