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The Definitive Guide to REST and SOAP API Virtualization

Front-end apps and integrations depend on APIs to work properly, but designers and testers often have to wait until developers come up with an initial implementation of the APIs just to start building mock-ups and test sets. Software teams shouldn't have to wait for an alpha release for everyone to get going, they should be able to get started as soon as possible to minimize delays in project completion.

With simply the description of the API, teams can work in parallel as soon as the project begins. With just a schema document (e.g. Swagger, RAML, WSDL, etc.) teams should be able to stand up lightweight versions of an API with minimal effort, then quickly switch it out later on once the implementation is released.

Download this white paper to understand:

  • How full stack service virtualization differs from API virtualization
  • What impacts project timelines and causes delay between teams
  • How API virtualization by SmartBear can maximize software teams' efforts and speed time to delivery