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Ensuring API Speed & Performance

According to SmartBear’s 2016 State of API Industry Survey — performance is a top priority for API providers, with 74% of providers reporting that performance is the best measure of success for their API. More impressively, the number of providers who cited performance as their top measure of success outnumbered the total of providers that looked at subscribers, revenue, or retention as their best measure of success combined.

Whether you’re launching an API of your own, or are concerned about the third party APIs that power your applications, you need to understand how your APIs are performing. In this eBook, we will look at two of the most important processes for ensuring the performance of your API both during development and in production — API load/performance testing and API monitoring.

In this guide, you will learn:

  • The benefits of each of these API performance strategies
  • Implementing API load testing and monitoring
  • Using testing and monitoring together
  • Finding the right tools for ensuring API performance

Cheers to accurate APIs!