Accelerate Your Test Execution Pipeline:

Leverage Parallel Testing to Speed Up Development Cycles

Parallel Testing ebook

Teams today are constantly feeling pressure to deliver their software faster without compromising quality. With the growth of Agile and DevOps, that ability seems to finally be here. As teams ramp up their automated testing processes however, speed and scalability issues tend often impede progress and can slow development processes. It is vital to the success of any team today to identify and address key problem areas such as these. Incorporating the right test automation platform with cloud capabilities and leveraging parallel testing can alleviate these bottlenecks by cutting test execution times in half and enabling teams to fix bugs as quickly as they’re found.

This ebook is designed to show you how to accelerate your development and testing cycles without sacrificing the quality of your software.

In this eBook, we'll look at:

  • Techniques that can help you easily speed up your testing efforts.
  • Strategies to enable parallel testing during your delivery process.
  • New ways to quickly pinpoint problem areas in your tests.

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