Catch costly visual bugs easily

Scale your test efforts by automatically comparing baseline images to spot and correct visual regressions.

Detailed Mode

Quickly identify changes to text, content, font, color, and CSS elements. Use customizable tools to simplify what you’re looking at.  

Layout Mode

Ignore dynamic content to focus specifically on the layout of your webpage. Control sensitivity levels to specify how much of your website layout to include in your review.  

Layout mode is available in three sensitivities. Each highlights elements of different sizes relative to the page width:

  • Low - only large elements (medium and small element shifts are ignored)
  • Medium - medium and large elements (small element shifts are ignored)
  • High - small, medium and large elements (most granular)




Powered by AI to reduce False Positives

VisualTest AI ignores false positives so you only review changes that matter, giving you time back to focus on other tasks.

Work with your existing framework

VisualTest supports Cypress, Java, and Python with ongoing plans to add more languages.

Manage Projects at Scale

Run multiple scripts in a day and maintain organization across all of your projects. VisualTest tracks and displays which projects you accept and reject so you can work in batches and make your day more efficient.

True Screenshot Rendering

VisualTest uses true rendering to show comparisons in the environment and resolution that you have defined in your own scripts. Have greater confidence in your results knowing that the comparison was rendered according to your own inputs and not emulated in environments you may not care about.


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