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Catch visual defects. Automatically.

Guarantee a visually perfect UI with advanced AI that quickly identifies visual differences that occur over releases and can’t be caught by traditional functional tests.

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Prevent bugs from reaching your customers

Eliminate redundancies with AI

Advanced visual AI tracks critical changes in your GUI while simultaneously ignoring false positives so you can focus on only what matters.

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Integrate into your existing test scripts or use codeless testing with TestComplete to quickly bolster your current test suite.

Higher quality results

Real results come from accurate tests. Results are shown according to your own script, rather than emulated in environments that don’t concern you.

Get more accuracy from real devices

Our BitBar device cloud provides instant access to the latest and most popular real browsers and devices. Run your tests across the real environments your customers are using and guarantee app quality.

Integrate VisualTest into your existing stack


1. Pip install the VisualTest Library:

pip3 install visualtest-python

2. Import into your script (At the top of your script):

from sbvt import VisualTest

3. Initialize the driver:

# create the Visual Test instance
settings = {
    'projectToken': PROJECT_TOKEN,
    #replace with your project token
self.visualTest = VisualTest(self.driver, settings)

4. Take screenshots

visualTest.capture('Test Home FullPage')


1. Npm install SBVT-cypress in your terminal:

npm install @smartbear/visualtest-cypress

2. Run the setup step in your terminal:

npx visualtest-setup

3. Initialize the driver in VisualTest.config.js

module.exports = { projectToken: 'your project token here', testRunName: 'your test run name', }

4. Take screenshots in your tests

cy.sbvtCapture('example full page')


1. Npm install SBVT-playwright:

npm install @smartbear/visualtest-playwright --save-dev

2. Run the set up step:

npx sbvt-setup

3. Replace the project token in VisualTest.config.js:

module.exports = {projectToken: 'PROJECT_TOKEN'}

4. Take screenshots in your tests

import {sbvtCapture, sbvtGetTestRunResult, sbvtPrintReport} from "@smartbear/visualtest-playwright"; 
import {expect, test} from "@playwright/test"; 

test(`should visit Playwright example page, then take sbvtCaptures`, async ({page}) => { 
    await page.goto('') 
    await sbvtCapture(page, 'Playwright Example Page')
Integrate into your automation workflow

VisualTest is compatible with your current and future visual testing needs. You have the flexibility to use your preferred testing framework and language.







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“When you’re building modern web and mobile apps, it’s still far too easy to make a slip-up in your stylesheets and leave the layout looking awful or even un-usable, even while your functional tests are all passing. VisualTest puts automated eyeballs on those test runs so you can be confident that the app is not only basically functional, but looks good too.”

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