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Enterprise-grade Test Management

Plan, manage, and measure your entire testing lifecycle inside Jira.

  • Reuse tests and eliminate duplication: cross-project hierarchical test libraries, parameters, test data, and shared steps.
  • Improve visibility, data analysis, and collaboration: Access over 70 cross-project reports, 60 gadgets, and 60 Confluence macros.
  • Easier to audit and trace: Detailed change history, test case versioning, end-to-end traceability with Jira Issues and Confluence pages.
  • Get enterprise scalability in Jira: Meet even the most demanding enterprise requirements.

Customers worldwide using enterprise-quality testing inside Jira

TM4J Features

Coordinate all test management activities including test planning, specification, execution, tracking and reporting right inside Jira.

Easily track requirements across test cases, test cycles, test plans, and execution results. Get dynamic, broad-ranging traceability and test-case coverage statistics via built-in reports.

Easily access all your test assets from a single repository with hierarchical folders. Reuse test cases across all your Jira projects, releases, and sprints for regression.

Track versions to ensure data integrity with a detailed history of changes. Increase reusability with test data, parameters, and eliminate duplication with shared steps.

Track coverage, progress, and quality of your tests inside Jira with over 70 cross-project reports and dashboard gadgets, and easily share them with your team for better visibility and collaboration.

Empower teams with BDD, CI/CD and automation integration using our free REST API. Publish automated test-execution results from Jenkins, Bamboo, and other tools.


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