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TestLeft Benefits

TestLeft is a UI automated testing tool for web and desktop applications for developers and advanced testers that seamlessly embeds into your IDE and your DevOps ecosystem, so you can test earlier in the development cycle than ever before. Users can tests their applications in on codebase (Java, .NET, and C+) and gives you the flexibility to test instances or entire application models.

Getting Started


TestLeft has an easy installation process. All customers have to do is download the software and it will appear in the IDE of your choice. 


Most open source projects are hard to setup and deploy because they are stitched together by components created by different developers. Even if frameworks are packaged together, you still have to build scripts from scratch using the submitted source code, go through technical guidelines for their API, and integrate it into with an IDE and a preferred programming language.

DevOps Integration


TestLeft seamlessly embeds into the development environment of your choice and your DevOps ecosystem. With hundreds of integrations with popular tools, TestLeft fits perfectly into your continuous integration process.


There are options to to integrate into other DevOps ecosystems, but most open source products requires additional steps and time.

Object Recognition


Includes Object recognition and repository to generate application models quickly and build tests in smaller pieces. TestLeft UI Spy can generate an application model for webpage or desktop applications in just two clicks without ever having to manually program descriptions for any object property.


Does not include Object recognition tool. Finding objects and models on the webpage will require additional time and resources, especially if you are taking on a legacy product with changing object names.

Expert Support and Training


Free basic and advanced trainings. There are multiple webinars scheduled a year for interactive sessions with sales engineers. No need of external resources for trainings. 


Insufficient guidance about how to implement product capabilities. No free trainings. Needs professional services.

TestLeft offers a wide range of support for developers and advanced testers. TestLeft offers a comprehensive tool that allows developers to test everything they need directly in their IDE.


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