Test Reporting & Analysis

Empower Your Team to Shift Left. Generate and share in-depth functional test results from your IDE for faster debugging

Capture Full-Page Snapshots for Faster Debugging

TestLeft has built-in capabilities you can use to capture images when recording and executing your functional UI tests to find bugs visually. Pinpoint issues quickly using screenshots and details captured for test failures. It’s perfect for testing responsive web design across a wide range of browsers as well as devices having different screen sizes and resolutions.

Share In-Depth Test Logs for Report Analysis

TestLeft reporting allows you to analyze your test results for faster debugging and share results with developers and other stakeholders. You can breakdown results not only by pass/fail, but also by configuration, priority, and time, to identify issues quickly during test runs. By quickly sharing test results, you'll build stronger cross-team communication and empower developers to find and fix bugs faster - enabling your team to efficiently shift left.


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Test earlier and more often by running UI desktop and web tests from within IDEs like Visual Studio, IntelliJ IDEA & Eclipse.

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