Test Automation for Desktop and Mobile Web

Easily create robust automated cross-browser UI tests

Run one test across many browsers with no modification what-so-ever. Easily drive the same test through thousands of data combinations to improve coverage. Choose from script-free record and replay or among six languages, including Python and JavaScript, to create automation scripts. Support for Selenium included.

Build robust and stable tests using intelligent object recognition mechanism for dynamic elements and technologies like flex, flash, AJAX, JavaScript, HTML5, and AngularJS. Integrations with build server, source control systems, and defect management tools allow you run automated tests around the clock, without having to be physically present.

Use One Test Across Multiple Browsers

TestComplete Web allows you to verify the functionality and reliability of your web sites and web applications in different browsers through a single test.

  • Build automated cross browser tests for all the major browsers without writing a single line of code.
  • Run one test against multiple browsers to save time and effort.
  • Frequently released patches ensure you can test newer browser versions without wasting time.
  • Automate testing of HTML5 and dynamic controls such as AJAX and JavaScript.
  • Extend TestComplete’s platform to meet your specific testing needs.

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Instant Access to Cloud Test Labs On-Demand

Say goodbye to maintaining real devices, virtual machines, and in-house testing labs with TestComplete Environment Manger.

  • Get availability to over 500 real testing environments from within TestComplete 
  • Run tests across multiple browsers, operating systems and resolutions on real devices 
  • Debug issues quickly by getting an access to live desktop web browser remotely 
  • Detailed test metrics broken by operating system, browser versions, and resolutions available 
  • Pinpoint problem areas using videos, logs, and screenshots

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Identify HMTL5, JavaScript, & CSS Incompatibilities Across Browsers

TestComplete Web comes with built-in support for creating automated tests across desktop and mobile web apps using controls such as HTML5, Backbone.js, Agular, Developer Express, Telerik, and Infragistics.

  • Identify cross-browser compatibility issues by easily creating automated tests for complex web scenarios.
  • Validate JavaScript Calls, HTML5 popups, browser dialogs, and CSS compliance. 
  • Abstract out the control specifics to improve maintainability of your automated test suites.

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Test Mobile Web On Real Devices

TestComplete Web allows you to create automated GUI tests for mobile web apps. Along with emulators, TestComplete provides support for testing websites on real mobile devices. There is no need to jailbreak, unlock or root your device. 

  • Easily spot UI inconsistencies using automatic screenshots captured by TestComplete Web at every test step.
  • Use the Jenkins plug-in to execute tests directly from Jenkins build
  • Ensure your web apps adapt to different phones and tablets in portrait and landscape modes.
  • Get started quickly using predefined browser profiles available for iPhone, iPad, Nexus, Nokia Lumia, Blackberry and other popular devices.

Ensure Your Tests Don’t Break When The UI Changes

TestComplete Web provides multiple ways to identify and check objects inside web applications, so you can choose the one that best suits your experience and testing scenario. 

  • Create web tests at object level and not at object or coordinate level, thereby ensuring regression tests don’t fail when GUI changes.
  • Locate elements using XPath notation or by one or more property values.
  • Get direct access to underlying DOM elements, attributes, methods and CSS attributes.
  • Create web testing checkpoints to verify page contents, including images, MAILTO link, Java applets among many others.

Get More Insights From Your Selenium WebDriver Tests

TestComplete Web allows you to add, run, and report on Selenium WebDriver tests, building upon the benefits the Selenium WebDriver provides.

  • Capture screenshots to make debugging of Selenium scripts easier. 
  • Support for JUnit, TestNG, PyUnit, Ruby, PHPUnit, and NUnit frameworks.
  • Add, edit, and run Selenium WebDriver tests from TestComplete Web interface.
  • Use our reporting module for deep analysis of your test results.
  • Scale your Selenium tests and run them securely in the cloud or virtual systems using TestExecute.
  • Reuse Selenium test scripts created by development in existing QA projects.

Perform Continuous Integration

TestComplete Web lets you integrate tests into other tools in your development ecosystem, allowing you to connect your web automated tests to build systems, profiling tools, and defect tracking tools.

  • Integration available with source control systems such as Git, Subversion, and Mercurial for test versioning.
  • Attach bug reports to defect tracking tools such as Axosoft OnTime and JIRA.
  • Use Jenkins plug-in to run regression tests as a part of automated builds.
  • Send TestComplete tests directly to QAComplete.
  • Seamless integration available between TestComplete and Visual Studio.
  • Run your tests on cloud or virtual systems using TestExecute.

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Strong Open Source Support And More

TestComplete Web comes with numerous features that make automating web testing efficient and effective.

  • Support for Selenium
  • SoapUI Integration
  • Choose Python, JavaScript and many other languages to script in
  • Powerful and Effecient Cross browser testing
  • Ability to quickly capture Browser Screenshots
  • HTML5 testing and JavaScript Testing
  • Web Browser control built into desktop apps

Reuse Functional Tests as Performance Tests

Convert TestComplete Web tests into performance tests to reduce test creation time. Assign virtual users after conversion to ensure predictable performance at different stress levels. No need to script in order to change functional tests to performance tests.

  • Reuse functional tests as performance tests to improve performance of web applications.
  • Expand functional and performance test coverage with minimal effort and overhead.
  • Start within minutes as no manual configuration or code changes are needed.
  • Allow functional testers to create performance tests with minimal user training.

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