#1 visual feedback and collaborative testing tool - designed for all teams

Capture for Jira is a collaborative testing tool allowing teams to easily provide annotated visual feedback directly to Jira. From marketing content to validating application functionality, Capture for Jira is accessible for any team.

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Capture, Record, Annotate & Share

Capture screenshots and video record screens (Chrome users) all from within your browser. Annotate feedback with easy-to-use audio and visual annotation tools.

Save time with clear and concise visual feedback shared centrally, and empower your teams with an impactful and more engaging communication process.

Work Collaboratively and Stay Connected with Jira

Everyone can create and participate in shared exploratory testing sessions for a faster and more efficient review process.

A seamless connection with Jira means your team is working in the collaboration platform they already love while ensuring the feedback is prioritized and implemented!


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