App testing at our beck and call

It’s like thousands of real browsers and mobile devices with you, wherever you go. Only you don’t have to maintain them.


Test On Real Devices

Your customers are using real devices, not emulators – so test on them. We provide hundreds of real iOS and Android devices for accurate testing. 

Remotely control our devices with natural gestures to perform exploratory tests, troubleshoot customer issues, and find bugs. 

Save time and money without sacrificing quality experience for all customers. 

Test Local Or Staged Apps

With SmartBear SecureTunnel, feel confident deploying to the web by testing your app in staging, behind a firewall, or on your local machine. 

Built For Teams Spread Across The Globe

Spin up multiple testing environments in just seconds for faster test execution. Simulate accurate user scenarios across thousands of browsers and real mobile devices for the most comprehensive testing coverage.  

No matter where your team is located, they’ll have access to the devices and environments they need. 

Feel Confident You’ll Find Every Bug & Defect

Automated testing doesn’t find bugs. Curious, focused testers doing exploratory testing find bugs. Find more bugs across real browsers and devices with BitBar. 

Capture screenshots, video, and logs that you can easily share with your management and development teams.


Test on Real Browsers & Devices

Try our next-gen testing cloud with both mobile and web testing capabilities and get the efficiency and scalability you need.

During your free, 14-day trial, you can expect:

  • One Platform for both web & mobile testing
  • Instant access to the latest browsers & devices
  • Framework agnostic testing for mobile apps
  • Enterprise options for complex use cases & security needs