BitBar Features

Robust features to help you securely test your app, whether web, native, or hybrid.

Live Testing

Automated testing doesn’t find bugs. Curious, focused testers doing exploratory testing find bugs. Find more bugs across real browsers and devices by Live Testing with BitBar. Capture screenshots, video, and logs that you can easily share with your management and development teams.

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Automated Testing

Run automated tests in parallel across devices, with cloud-side execution, unlimited users, and unlimited testing minutes.

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Local Testing

With local testing via SecureTunnel, you can test your application before it gets deployed to production. Find more bugs and defects before your app ever gets into the hands of your customers. Access your application behind a firewall, on a staging server, or locally with SmartBear SecureTunnel.

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Cloud-Side Execution

With cloud-side execution, you can execute tests on hundreds of real devices in parallel. Test packages are uploaded to the cloud and parallel execution is handled by BitBar under the hood. Dramatically reduce the time it takes to test your app and reduce flakiness.

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Device Cloud

All the most popular browsers and devices at your fingertips.

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Test on Real Browsers & Devices

Try our next-gen testing cloud with both mobile and web testing capabilities and get the efficiency and scalability you need.

During your free, 14-day trial, you can expect:

  • One Platform for both web & mobile testing
  • Instant access to the latest browsers & devices
  • Framework agnostic testing for mobile apps
  • Enterprise options for complex use cases & security needs